Pre-budget Submission | 15 December 2017

The Australian Chamber supports the role of government to ensure the health, welfare and security of the Australian community, recognising that there is an important role for the private sector in providing goods and services to this end, either via government or in its own right. The responsibility is not just to the current generation that a government represents, but also to future generations.

A critical element of the Chamber’s ‘Top 10 in 10 strategy’ (10 steps outlined at the 2016 election focusing on making Australia more competitive) was for policy makers to look over the horizon, past the election cycle and past a government’s current term.

With that in mind, the Chamber calls on government (current and future) and the community it represents, to always be conscious of its legacy. That is, we must be aware of whether we are leaving future generations in a better (or worse) position to face whatever uncertainties circumstances dictate.

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