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The Australian Chamber develops Policy publications and papers to provide representative, reliable and relevant information to government, key stakeholders and the community.

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[email protected] | Employer Guide

An employer guide to help navigate the [email protected] legislation changes.

COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace | Employer Guide

Helping you and your business navigate the Australian COVID-19 vaccine rollout in an ever-changing landscape.

Coal Industry Long Service Leave Review

ACCI lodged the below submission on Monday 12 July 2021 to the review of the Coal Industry portable long service leave scheme (Coal LSL), addressing various of the terms of reference announced by the Attorney General and Assistant Attorney in June 2021. The review raises considerations relevant not only to black coal businesses but also potentially other businesses that may periodically undertake work on black coal mine sites such as equipment servicing, construction and maintenance.

Payroll Tax: A handbrake on jobs & investment – Issues Paper July 2021

Reopening Australia | How to ease restrictions as the vaccine rolls out | Part 2: International Reopening

This document is part two of a two-part series on ‘Reopening Australia’. Part 2 focuses on international reopening. It follows the release of Reopening Australia, Part 1: Domestic Reopening and Living with COVID.

Reopening Australia | How to ease restrictions as the vaccine rolls out | Part 1: Domestic reopening and living with COVID

This document is part one of a two-part series on ‘Reopening Australia’. Part 1 focuses on domestic reopening and living with COVID-19.

Small Business Is A Big Deal: Australian Chamber full Small Business policy

Small Business is a big deal for millions of Australian workers and their families. Small Business deserve policies that encourage them to invest and create jobs. Small Business is a Big Deal.

Getting On With Business 2019 – Business Policy Priorities for the Next Federal Government

We want Australia to be the best place in the world to do business. So Australians have the jobs, living standards and opportunities to which they aspire. Getting on with Business sets out our recommendations for Australia’s next federal government and parliament, to realise that vision. For the benefit of all Australians.

Migration works for all of us – delivering benefits to all Australians

Migration benefits all Australians. Our approach to migration, particularly in the last few decades, has given us a comparative advantage. It has made us richer; it drives economic growth and helps deliver the job opportunities and lifestyles that are so important to us.

This policy position paper is not only about the benefits to business. We make the case that migration provides benefits to all Australians. Our approach to migration over the last few decades has provided Australia with a comparative advantage. In a world where countries have to work harder and smarter to stay competitive and create opportunities for their people, we should think carefully before we give away that advantage.

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