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Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers | 30 January 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia’s largest and most representative business organisation, has approached this inquiry from the perspective of the foundations businesses need to survive and thrive in the modern, global economy and therefore generate and participate in paid work opportunities.

We have also tackled the question of the policy settings needed to ensure Australia will be an attractive place for investment and employment in a global marketplace, creating flow-on business opportunities for SMEs, local jobs and revenue for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Any consideration of the future of work in Australia must be predicated on supporting the future for doing business in Australia. Our working future and the jobs we can generate for today’s young people and generations to come, will be a function of the foundation we provide for business to successfully navigate changing markets and a globalising world.

Submission | Response to In Home Care National Guidelines

The Australian Chamber welcomes the opportunity to provide input to the Department of Education and Training’s revised In Home Care National Guidelines.

Given the importance of child care policy, the Chamber has maintained strong engagement with the Government over many years, providing views on business impact. This submission does not set out to provide detailed commentary on every aspect of the In Home Care National Guidelines; rather it takes a high level approach.

Submission to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Commission

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Australian Chamber) is a strong advocate for a robust workforce development strategy that encompasses the skills development of Australian workers supplemented by a flexible and responsive migration system. The SAF Bill and Charges Bill impose significant burdens on employer sponsors seeking to use the skilled migration system to meet their workforce needs and have the potential to severely constrict business growth. To ensure skilled migration remains accessible, it is recommended that Parliament consider imposing substantially lower training levies and remove the requirement for labour market testing.

Submission to the Fair Work Commission re Better Off Overall Test (November 2017)


MATTER NO: AG2017/1925 Aldi Prestons Agreement
AG2017/1943 Aldi Stapylton Agreement
AG2017/3027 Workpac Pty Ltd Manufacturing Agreement 2017


Submission to the Fair Work Commission re ACTU Family Friendly Working Hours Claim

M2015/2 Family Friendly Working Hours Submissions in Response | 30 October 2017

Submission | House Committee on Employment Education and Training: Inquiry into School to Work Transition | July 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Australian Chamber) welcomes this opportunity to provide input to the Committee about an issue of high priority to our members. A student’s successful transition from school to work or further education is a critical objective in order to minimise the economic and societal cost of youth unemployment and negative social and health outcomes for the individual.

This submission outlines suggestions on how to improve and enhance a student’s transition from formal education to the workplace and provides the following recommendations:

  • Commission a review of the evidence and outcomes
  • Improve access to career information and advice
  • Improve work readiness
  • Reverse the decline in apprenticeship numbers
  • Improve employment services to young people
  • Acknowledge the impact of workplace regulation on successful transitions into work

Submission | Youth Jobs PaTH Employability Skills Training – A Submission to the Department of Employment

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry strongly supports the Youth Jobs PaTH initiative as an important avenue to secure jobs for young unemployed Australians.

Submission in Reply | Annual Wage Review 2015-2016

This submission responds to points raised by the ACTU regarding minimum wage research;

  • The relationship between productivity and statutory wages;
  • Relative living standards; and
  • Economic conditions.

Download the full submission below.

Submission | Submission to the Senate Education and Employment Standing Committee on the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Australian Workers) Bill 2016

The Australian Chamber does not support the passage of the Bill which proposes to make several fundamental changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act).

Submission | Annual Wage Review 2015-2016

The Australian Chamber welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the Fair Work Commission (Commission) as a part of the Minimum Wage Panel’s (Panel) statutory responsibilities to conduct an Annual Wage Review (AWR) each financial year pursuant to Part 2-6 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (Act).

Submission | Report on casual and part-time employment in Australia

Submission to Fair Work Commission: Report on casual and part-time employment in Australia

Submission | 4 yearly review of modern awards – Casual employment and Part-time employment (AM2014/196 and AM2014/197)

These submissions are made by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (the Australian Chamber) in response to the ACTU ‘common claims’ in the casual employment and part-time employment proceedings.

Submission | Inquiry into the Fair Work Amendment (Gender Pay Gap) Bill 2015 (Cth)

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Australian Chamber) thanks the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Committee) for the opportunity to provide
comments in relation to the Fair Work Amendment (Gender Pay Gap) Bill 2015 (Cth) (Bill) as a part of this inquiry.

Australian Chamber Pre-Budget Submission 2016-17

The Australian Chamber has put forward a specific mix of economic reforms, spending cuts and has suggested greater transparency in its 2016-17 Pre-Budget Submission to Federal Government  to create a platform for increasing economic opportunities and improved living standards for current and future generations of Australians.

Submission | Comment on the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on the Migrant Intake into Australia

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry views the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on the Migration Intake into Australia as a valuable contribution to the important discussion around migration. The Report provides strong evidence of the benefits of migration and finds that skilled migrants make a major economic contribution and should therefore constitute a significant component of the total migration quota.

The Australian Chamber supports the Commission’s conclusion that migration based on fees is not appropriate for Australia as it does not guarantee the current approach’s demographic and economic dividend.

This submission concentrates on three areas:

  • recommending further Government effort on issues canvassed in the report;
  • addressing requests in the draft report for further information in areas relevant to business; and,
  • identifying issues where the Australian Chamber disagrees with the draft report.

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