Paul Nicolaou

Director - Membership & Events
Director - Australian Chamber Business Leaders Council

Paul Nicolaou BA, MCom (UNSW) FAMI CPM  is currently the Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business Leaders Council and Director of Corporate & Community Solutions a private company specialising in strategic advice, marketing, fundraising, media, public relations and event management.

Paul sits on the Board of The Gut Foundation, which conducts research & education campaigns on bowel cancer, The Estia Foundation, which provides support services to children with disabilities and as a Non-Executive Board Member of Group Colleges Australia which is a well-established, professional Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that provides support services to educational and associated institutions, such as marketing, financial and technological support services.

In addition, Paul is an ambassador of Start Up Australia which is an entrepreneur-led not for profit organisation that wants to create a strong Australia for the future, through the creation of more entrepreneurial ventures. Paul is a Member of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW Institute which is a high-level think-tank that assists Independent Schools to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing educational environment. Further Paul is a Non-Executive Director of Dymocks Children’s Charities. This entity is an Australia-wide, tax-deductible charity providing high quality books to pre-primary and primary school age children in schools in lower socio economic areas.

Paul was the former Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Hotels Association of NSW (AHA). The AHA is one of the largest industry associations in Australia representing 1,700 pubs and 100 accommodation hotels in NSW.

Prior to the AHA, Paul was the Executive Chairman of the Millennium Forum, which was the fundraising and business engagement arm of the Liberal Party of Australia NSW Division.

Paul was formerly on the Board of The Centennial Parklands Foundation, which is a charitable organisation that has been established to ensure the Centennial Parklands environment and heritage value continues to be enjoyed now and by future generations. In addition Paul was on the Bill Crews Trust which exists to encourage and develop new and innovative projects aimed at alleviating poverty in Australia and in third world countries.

Paul was also the former NSW President of the Marketing Institute of Australia for 4 years, a member of the Council for ten years and is currently an Associate Fellow and Certified Practicing Marketer of the Marketing Institute of Australia.

In the early years, Paul was the former Chief Executive Officer of the UNSW Foundation, which was responsible in raising $10-$12million a year for providing important medical research and scholarships for disadvantaged students at the University of New South Wales. At the same time he was the Director of Public Affairs & Development at the University. Paul served as the Deputy Director of Public Affairs and Development at UNSW as well.

Prior to his senior roles at the University, Paul was Marketing Manager at the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. Prior to that Paul was the Manager of Fundraising at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Camperdown. Every year, Paul and his team raised between $12-$14 million per annum for vital research and lifesaving equipment for the sickest children in the state.

Paul is regarded as one of Australia’s leading fundraisers raising money for many charitable organisations. As a result of this, Paul over his career has received the following awards recognizing his substantial efforts:

  • UNSW Alumni Award for Achievement in 1990
  • Conferred a Benefactor of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in 2000
  • Awarded a Centenary Medal of Australia in 2003
  • Awarded the Tourism Training Australia National Training Legend Award in 2012

LinkedIn: Paul Nicolaou
Twitter:  @p_nicolaou

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