Jenny Lambert

Director - Employment & Skills
Director - Tourism

Jenny has been serving the business community for over 35 years as a senior manager within industry associations, including 16 years as a CEO of associations largely in the services sector.

Commencing with the Australian Hotels Association as their Industrial & Research Officer in 1984, Jenny then served as Project Manager at Tourism’s Industry Training Advisory Board in the early 1990s.

Jenny took on her first CEO role in 1994 as head of Restaurant & Catering NSW, and then jointly held the NSW and national Restaurant and Catering CEO role until 1999.  She has also been CEO of Meetings & Events Australia, Nursery & Garden Industry Australia and the National Tourism Alliance, which is the peak body for tourism associations nationally.  She commenced with the Australian Chamber in 2011 and is responsible for policy development and advocacy in vocational training, higher education, schools, employment and migration.

LinkedIn:  Jenny Lambert
Twitter:  @eetacci

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