Major parties respond to #BackAustralianBusiness campaign

19 May 2022 |

As part of the Back Australia Business campaign, ACCI is informing its members and the broader business community about the detail of key policies from the major parties. ACCI asked both major parties for their response to a series of policy questions.

The questions reflect the five policy pillars of ACCI’s Back Australian Business campaign.

Introducing their response, Labor said: “A better future relies on a stronger, broader, more inclusive and more sustainable economy – powered by cleaner and cheaper energy, a better-trained workforce with higher participation and key investments in the care economy, digital economy and a future made in Australia. This will give Australians the best chance to earn a decent living, keep up with the skyrocketing costs of living, make ends meet, secure more of the opportunities of a recovering economy and get ahead.”

In its response, the Coalition said: “Unemployment is at 4%, the equal lowest in 48 years. And the recent Budget included the biggest turnaround in over 70 years. There’s much more to be done. To build stronger future, our plan will: 1) Deliver more jobs and working towards unemployment below 4%; 2) Deliver tax relief for workers and small businesses; 3) Invest in roads, rail, water infrastructure and renewable energy technology; 4) Make record investments in health and other essential services. 5) Invest in stronger defence, security and borders.”

The detailed responses to ACCI’s questions from Labor and the Coalition can be seen below.

Labor response.

Coalition response.

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