Clarity on future for vaccine mandates

03 Dec 2021 |

“The decision made by the Fair Work Commission this afternoon demonstrates that there is no simple path for employers that seek to implement mandatory vaccinations in the workplace.  However, the judgement does not reject mandatory vaccinations outright,” ACCI chief executive Andrew McKellar said.

“Undertaking an appropriate risk assessment under work health and safety law, ensuring proper consultation with employees, and taking specialist advice, such as that from an employer association, are all instrumental if employers are to mandate compulsory vaccinations.

“In forming today’s judgement, the Fair Work Commission appears to have provided guidance on the processes that need to be followed.  What is clear today is that If businesses don’t take the necessary steps to get this right, their mandate will not stand.

“ACCI and its members will continue to analyse the Fair Work Commission’s decision in further detail and provide advice to the hundreds of thousands of employers across the country that are having to confront the practical and pressing issues posed by managing COVID-19 in the workplace.

Jack Quail

Media Adviser

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