Business welcomes National Cabinet’s proportionate response

22 Dec 2021 |

The introduction of measures to increase the daily rate of boosters, recommendations on public health controls, and steps towards a uniform definition of virus contacts following the National Cabinet meeting today will provide much needed certainty and will be critical for transitioning towards living with COVID-19.

“The decisions taken by the National Cabinet today offer clarity and certainty for businesses,” ACCI Director of Economics, Employment and Skills Jenny Lambert said.

“The commitment towards a consistent definition of close and casual contacts will be a relief for businesses and individuals who have been confused about what is expected of them.  The development of uniform approaches to QR check-ins and testing are also a welcome sign. Differences in each states’ approaches has created confusion and uncertainty for businesses and consumers.

“If rapid antigen testing is to replace conventional PCR testing requirements for travel, which is sensible given the demand on PCR testing, they must be free and widely accessible.  This has been achieved in the United Kingdom and United States and will be vital if we are to learn to live with the virus.

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to lockdowns being avoided. This is tremendously assuring for the business community and the Australians they employ.

“As businesses are only just beginning the long process of recovery from the recent wave of lockdowns, they cannot afford to return to these crushing restrictions.  Lockdowns destroy jobs, investment and confidence – they must be avoided unless absolutely necessary, and these assurances are a great boost to much needed confidence.

“In responding to the pandemic, the focus has rightly shifted to how the health system is managing those most severely impacted by the virus rather than fixating on the daily case numbers.

“It’s critical that measures to manage the virus remain targeted and proportionate, ensuring that the economy stays open.

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