Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals are invited to volunteer for the 2020 ADC-ICC Australia Commercial Mediation Competition, as competition Mediators and Judges, and Team Coaches/Mentors.

What are the roles?

There are three key volunteer roles in the Competition:

  • Competition Mediator
  • Competition Judge
  • Team Coach/Mentor

Competition Mediator

In this role you will be a mediator in one or more rounds of the competition, mediating between two competing teams in a mock dispute. Full details of this role can be found in Annex III of the Competition Rules.

Competition Judge

In this role you will be a judge in one or more rounds of the competition, evaluating the performances of the competing teams. Full details of this role can be found in Annex IV of the Competition Rules.

Team Coach/Mentor

As a Team Coach or Mentor, you will assist an assigned team in their preparation for the Competition. You will only be assigned a team after being consulted by the Organising Committee.

Who can apply?

The Organising Committee will select professionals based on the following criteria:

  • mediation training;
  • mediation qualification and accreditation;
  • experience in conducting (commercial) mediations;
  • experience in representing parties in commercial mediations;
  • experience in conducting mediation and ADR training;
  • other relevant dispute resolution or other professional background;
  • experience with other mediation competitions; and,
  • availability.

Application Process

We encourage your early application. Please click the button below to apply using the online application form. Applications close on 17 June 2020.

Applications will be considered by the Organising Committee, and you will be promptly notified as to the outcome of your application.

Mandatory Training

There is a short 2-part mandatory training session for all professionals involved in the competition. Part 1 is via Youtube Video, to watch online prior to the Competition commencement date. Part 2 is on the morning of 30 August 2020.

Please keep this in mind when indicating your availability.

Availability and Costs

The Organising Committee shall request further specific information from the professionals such as availabilities and participation in online social events after making the selection.

Professionals are not expected to be available for the whole Competition. However, preference will be given to professionals who can be available for substantial parts of the Competition.

The ADC and the ICC Australia is regrettably not in a position to cover costs. While we expect costs will be minimal with the Competition Online in 2020, each participant remains responsible for his or her own expenses.

Volunteer Application Form here

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