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The APCMC offers a challenging and inspiring opportunity that is open to all Law, Business and Social Science students. Through this Asia-Pacific competition, the ADC and ICC seek to empower tomorrow’s business leaders and legal minds, equipping them with skills to better meet the dispute resolution needs of international commerce, in an expanding and increasingly complex marketplace.

The competition facilitates students’ learning and their application of negotiation skills in a commercial mediation setting. Student negotiators seek to resolve moot problems involving international commercial law. They are mediated in the competition by professional mediators, and are adjudicated by a senior panel of ADR practitioners. The APCMC draws significant endorsement and support from world-leading ADR practitioners, jurists and academics.

A Reserved Place for Paris 2021

The Asia-Pacific competition is closely associated with the ICC Mediation Competition in Paris. By competing in the APCMC, Universities have the chance of winning a reserved place to compete in the 16th Annual ICC Mediation Competition in France, in early 2021. This is the world’s largest moot exclusively devoted to international commercial mediation with some 66 teams competing. We were thrilled to see the winner of the APCMC in 2019, Auckland University, go on to be the overall winner in Paris, in February 2020. With your support for this year’s regional preliminary competition, we are keen to replicate this outstanding achievement in 2021!

About the Competition

The 4th Annual ADC-ICC Asia-Pacific Commercial Mediation Competition creates a unique opportunity for university students to practice their negotiation skills in a commercial mediation setting; an essential area of dispute resolution in international commercial law.

The ADC and ICC seek to empower tomorrow’s business leaders and legal minds, equipping them with skills to better meet the dispute resolution needs of international commerce in an expanding
and increasingly complex marketplace. Through this Competition, students learn to effectively combine the use of negotiation strategies, mediation and collaborative problem-solving skills to successfully represent their client’s interests and seek a settlement.

The Competition acts as a regional preliminary round to the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition, held annually at the ICC Global Headquarters in Paris, France. There is a reserved place in the prestigious Paris Competition 2021 for the winning team from the ADC-ICC regional event. In an exciting 2020 Paris Grand Final, the winning team from last year’s Asia-Pacific Competition were again the winners, against 65 international teams.

The aims of the Competition are to:

  1. Create a unique opportunity for students to showcase their negotiation skills in a commercial mediation environment.
  2. Develop students’ skills in collaborative commercial problem solving, analytical judgement and persuasion.
  3. Connect aspiring students to strong professional networks.

Now in its 4th year the APCMC attracts student teams from leading Universities across Australia, Asia, the South Pacific, India and the Americas.  Fairness, transparency, friendliness and fun are the hallmarks of this competition. With the students’ learning and professional development always cornerstones of the competition, we also seek to create an engaging environment for connecting with peers and building professional business, legal and ADR networks. In 2020 we are creating an online environment where we anticipate even more learning and networking happening, both before and during the competition.


As a global community we remain constrained by COVID-19 restrictions. Anticipating no early return to interstate or international travel, we seek to give Universities certainty that this opportunity will go ahead for their students in 2020. The APCMC will, therefore, be held virtually on a specialist Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform, powered by Modron Spaces. This is a great chance for students to explore the world of ODR, and to join the competition from the comfort of their University spaces, or their own homes.

We hope that with ‘APCMC-Online’, 2020 creates a new opportunity for Universities and students who may otherwise have been constrained from participating by time commitments or travel costs.

The online format also opens up a world of connectivity options for students, and for law firms and corporations seeking to connect with the region’s high ranking students. Coaching webinars, roulette networking events, video interviews, wellness webinars, social photo booth, digital swag bags are just some of the compelling reasons for students and coaches to engage in this year’s APCMC events

ADC – ICC 2020 Asia Pacific Mediation Competition Information

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Rules and Procedure

The Competition follows the well-established ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition Rules, which allow for students to exhibit their mediation skills in a realistic mock commercial dispute. The competition problems are developed by professional mediators, and based on real international commercial disputes.

Teams of 2-4 students compete against each other in a series of competition rounds. Competing teams represent two sides of an international commercial dispute, with members assuming the roles of the Client and Counsel. A qualified professional mediates the dispute and distinguished judges assess how well the teams have advanced their interests.

Full detail of Competition procedure and judging criteria is available in the Competition Rules.

Competition Problem Authors

The mediation problems have been written specifically for this Mediation Competition by a team of highly-experienced mediation professionals. These problems will be published on this website at the conclusion of the Mediation Competition.


University Teams:  University teams of 2-4 students are invited to apply.  Learn more and register.

Professional Mediators:  Professional mediators are invited to apply to volunteer as competition judges or mediators. Learn more and register.

Key Dates

12 May 2020 Registrations open
24 June 2020 Registrations close
30 June 2020 The cut-off date for registration cancellation
30-31 August 2020 Preliminary Rounds: Online
1 September 2020 Final Round: Online

Principal Sponsor

Speak with us about this unique and rewarding profile opportunity as a Principal Sponsor of the 2020 ADC-ICC Asia-Pacific Mediation Competition. Please read the Sponsorship Prospectus and get in touch today!

Sponsors and Partners

Sponsoring the 2020 Asia-Pacific Mediation Competition offers tremendous branding opportunities in 2020. Please read the Sponsorship Prospectus and get in touch today!

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