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The Australian government has an urgent task: to reclaim Australia’s competitiveness. By undertaking vital reform, the government can support business to enable Australia to compete effectively on the global stage.

Top 10 in 10 was just the beginning. Getting on with Business builds upon the Top 10 in 10 campaign by placing the issues within the context of a broader policy agenda.

The Australian government has an urgent task: to reclaim Australia’s competitiveness. By undertaking vital reform, the government can support business to enable Australia to compete effectively on the global stage.

We cannot afford for the country’s reform malaise to continue. Australia has slipped down the Global Competitiveness Index, damaging economic growth, jobs and living standards.

The Australian Chamber, in Top 10 in 10: Ten steps towards a more competitive Australia, recommends ten policy steps to lift Australia into the top ten most competitive countries within ten years.

These steps, however, are just the beginning.

Getting on with Business expands on the “Top 10 in 10” by placing the issues within the context of a broader policy agenda which represents the Australian Chamber’s recommendations for the government.

By committing to our Top 10 goal and the Australian Chamber’s Getting on with Business policy priorities, the Federal Government can help create a more competitive Australia.

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