Video conference with the Hon Ben Morton MP Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Federal Member for Tangney, Western Australia

The Federal Government’s next two priority areas for its Deregulation Taskforce, both of which will assist COVID-19 economic recovery by cutting red tape are Modernising Business Communications & Improving Occupational Mobility.

In order to reduce business costs & better reflect the way Australians want to engage and communicate, the Deregulation Taskforce will work with business & consumers to identify and address these issues, and with state/territory governments to explore complementary reforms.

Occupational licensing & registration requirements often vary across states/territories, which increases costs on business and workers who operate or move across Australia.

This will let business access skilled workers more quickly & provide more opportunities for people such as builders, trades workers, architects & engineers.

The Minister outlined the work he was doing and has encouraged business to work him to cut red tape to help bolster economic recovery.


Wednesday, 09 September 2020



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