Video Conference with The Hon Arthur Sinodinos AO, Australian Ambassador to the US with Michael Pettis, Finance Professor, Peking University

According to one of the authors of Trade Wars Are Class Wars Michael Pettis “A trade war is often presented as a war between countries. It is not: it is a conflict mainly between bankers & owners of financial assets on one side and ordinary households on the other—between the very rich and everyone else.”

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry & International Chamber of Commerce Australia, held a fireside chat with Australia’s Ambassador to the US, Arthur Sinodinos & Professor Michael Pettis, from the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

Michael is a global expert on the Chinese economy and the role of international financial flows in economic growth and development. His latest book (with Matthew C. Klein), Trade Wars and Class Wars, he explores the links between global inequality and distortions in trade and investment flows.

At this video conference, Professor Pettis and Ambassador Sinodinos devled into the current impacts and issues around global trade, the Chinese economy, international financial flows and financial markets.


Thursday, 17 December 2020



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