Video Conference with Hon. Dr Kay Patterson AO, Age Discrimination Commissioner

The number of Australians aged 65 & over is projected to more than double by 2055, when there will be around 40,000 people aged 100 & over. Life expectancy continues to increase. In 2055, men can expect to live on average to 95.1 and women to 96.6.1 Awareness amongst the community, business leaders and our policy makers of these dramatically changed demographics has barely dawned.

Many older Australians are willing and able to work but are prevented from doing so by age discrimination and lack of positive policies and support. Dr Kay Patterson AO, Australia’s Age Discrimination Commissioner outlined her work to remove the barriers to equality and participation faced by older Australians, especially during this COVID-19 crisis.

After her address, Hunter Leonard, Author, Speaker & Ageism Activist launched his new book The Experience Equation.

60 business leaders participated in this session.


Friday, 28 August 2020



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